Our mission is to enhance cyber resilience in an uncertain world.

Security Assessments

Cyber resilience is not an option, but a necessity. To reduce risk and enhance resilience, organisations must understand their security maturity in order to make cost-effective decisions on their security capability.

Tantivy’s assessments are designed to provide organisations with assurance and insight into their security posture, with recommendations to enhance cyber resilience.

Tantivy utilises experienced-based, structured and pragmatic approaches; our assessments are not an audit against predetermined Standards or Governance frameworks (e.g. ISO/COBIT), but a practical inspection predicated first and foremost on real world threats to your business information assets.

Security Health Check Assessment

Tantivy applies our discovery and assessment method to validate your security posture against an agreed set of criteria, spanning policy, process, people and technology. Our report details the areas of shortfall in the organisation’s cyber resilience, and provides independent assurance as to current security posture and response capability.

Access Management Support & Monitoring Incident Response Information Asset Register(s) Data Privacy Technical Provisions Security Protocols & Policies Business Tools Business Support Functions Corporate Risk Compliance

Threat Perimeter Assessment

Tantivy applies an intelligence led approach to assessing the attack surface for your organisation and we pay particular attention to the likely motives and modus operandi of the would be attacker. With a targeted view of the attack surface, clients are better placed to implement counteractive controls.

This assessment includes:

-Security Health Check Assessment


Threat Assessment Open & Closed Source Intelligence Macro Threat Environment Post Incident Deconstruction & Analysis

Business Risk Resilience Radar

For a highly comprehensive deep dive assessment, Tantivy will map technology and process vulnerabilities and controls, working with your risk owners to value assets i.e. value at risk (VaR), providing the ability to model the impact of various under-attack and post breach/clean-up scenarios. We produce a simple and clear radar diagram of business risk resilience, showing the gap and the remediation estimates. This management reporting capability can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of communicating value at risk to executive management.

Business Risk Assessment Technology & Process Mapping Business Risk Resilience Radar

M&A Cyber Hygiene Report

Investing in or acquiring a company carries considerable risk. Not only should you be concerned about Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, increasingly, security posture has a direct relationship with corporate value. In relation to the target company, has the intellectual property been compromised previously and is now of significantly less value?

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Security Programmes

As cyber resilience rises in board room priority, the requirements on the organisation to deliver change transformation projects are complex and unfamiliar without prior security experience. From starting out with a fit for purpose strategy, architecture and operating model, to developing the policies and necessary governance, to the ongoing education and awareness across your organisation, Tantivy can help. Arm your human firewall with the ongoing training and knowledge to spot an attempted breach, and you will appreciate the future cost savings in avoided cyber incidents and penalties for bad practice.

Our mission is to enhance cyber resilience in an uncertain world.