About Us

Our mission is to enhance cyber resilience in an uncertain world.


Tantivy Consulting is a security firm, consulting in cyber resilience across the UK.

Based on the Silicon Roundabout, we are expanding our company with outstanding talent – combining highly experienced security industry experts, with cutting edge consulting minds to support our clients in their quest to continuously improve business and operational resilience through providing first class management consulting.


Tantivy consult on data privacy and information security.

By providing experts and sharing our proprietary approaches, we can initiate cultural change, deliver security projects and implementations, prioritising collaboration and transparency throughout the engagement.

We provide a leading anti-phishing solution, Keepnet Labs – strengthening organisations in their quest to prevent email-based-attacks from causing disruption and data loss.

We also offer defined security services and agile project people; security experts on-demand, supporting and delivering into your business and technology projects, as and when you need a boost.


We are passionate about improving cyber resilience and driving change and maturity in security posture.

We add value by providing you with new thinking. We can act as a spark for your organisation and help you to challenge your assumptions; we won’t just confirm what you already know and do.

Our mission is to enhance cyber resilience in an uncertain world.