Cyber Resilience
Cyber Resilience in an
uncertain world
Cyber Resilience
Anti-Phishing Solutions
Anti-Phishing Solutions
Anti-Phishing Solutions
Data Privacy, Information Security
Data Privacy
Information Security
Data Privacy, Information Security
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
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“Our mission is to enhance cyber resilience in an uncertain world”

Firms of all sizes need to develop a ‘security culture’, from the board down to every employee. Firms should be able to identify and prioritise their information assets – hardware, software and people. They should protect these assets, detect breaches, respond to and recover from incidents, and constantly evolve to meet new threats.

Tantivy guides and supports firms in maintaining clarity, focus and control to achieve enhanced cyber resilience. Whether it’s the increasingly complex regulatory burden, unknown risk from the proliferation of third-party suppliers, or the rise of cybercrime and malicious actors’ intent on exploiting your vulnerabilities, Tantivy can assist.

At Tantivy, our Information Security and Data Privacy experts bring our proprietary toolkit and partner with clients to examine their businesses – defining security risk & mitigation, benchmarking and establishing requirements. We plan, enable and coach in delivering security transformation; taking responsibility throughout the programme life cycle. We provide professional and managed services in operational cyber resilience.

Security Health Check Assessment

Threat Perimeter Assessment

Business Risk Resilience Radar

M&A Cyber Hygiene Report

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Cyber Essentials

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Phishing Simulation

Training & Awareness

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Keepnet Labs Service Desk

Interim Staffing

Outsourced SOC

Why worry about cyber resilience?

Cyber resilience helps businesses to recognise that hackers have the advantage of innovative tools, element of surprise, can target and can be successful in their attempts. This concept helps business to prepare, prevent, detect, respond and successfully recover to the intended secure state.

Adopting cyber resilience is a cultural shift as the organisation sees security as a full-time job and embeds security best practices in day-to-day operations. In comparison to cyber security, cyber resilience requires the business to think differently and be more agile on handling attacks.

Ask yourself…

1. Do we evaluate, take ownership and have effective management of our cyber risk?

2. Do we have a cyber-aware organisational culture? Do our people know what to do?

3. What do we do to protect the organisation’s information assets from our adversaries?

4. Have we really understood the impact of various cyber incidents, however unlikely we initially deem them to be? How do we mobilise our response?

5. Are we a strong and secure link in the highly connected business ecosystems in which we operate?