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Enhance cyber resilience with a holistic SaaS business protection platform


Due to inadequate security measures, organisations are facing an increased risk of phishing attacks and ransomware in 2019. These attacks and lapses in data security create reputation loss, material damage and serious financial and time losses for organisations. Consequently, anti-phishing solutions have become one of the most important priorities for many institutions. Spear Phishing has also become one of the most harmful attack types, which results in serious data breaches.

According to researchers, in 2017:

  • 95% of successful attacks on corporations are based on phishing emails
  • 97% of people don’t identify a sophisticated phishing email
  • Only 3% of those who identify phishing emails inform management
  • Cybercrimes and data leakage are projected to cost organisations $2.1 trillion USD in 2019

Most institutions assume technology is an adequate remedy to eliminate cyber threats. In fact, people and processes are integral to a strong security posture.

Tantivy provides Keepnet Labs: a fully integrated phishing defence platform (SaaS) that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology to reduce breaches and data loss.

Keepnet Labs

Keepnet Labs: Protecting businesses through the lifecycle of email-based-attacks

Partner Opportunity

If you are interested in joining our Partner Programme to offer the Keepnet Labs’ anti-phishing platform to your valued customers, please contact us today. Tantivy are Keepnet Labs’ exclusive channel partner for the UK and we can enable you to provide your clients with this high performance security SaaS solution. With over 900,000 licensed users worldwide in just 4 years, Keepnet Labs is rapidly becoming the anti-phishing platform of choice. We are welcoming distributors, managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers from across the UK and Europe to join our Partner Programme.